Friday, March 19, 2010

Grand Cayman: Morning in the Park with Jack

This morning , Cobalt Coast we saw a palm warbler and an oprey! Thanks again to Stuart for identifying them for me.

I took Jack to the park, hoping to show him everything I had seen without him. So off we went! We went through the canals for a while, looking for the pool, and saw this little blue heron flying around so we went to find it, and got a pretty good look at it. Back to the beach, where we looked around a while and ended up seeing a grackle. Sometimes that's how it goes! There were also these birds flying all over like crazy, we couldn't get a good look at them. I think from their tails they might be swallows. This is my best shot of the mystery swallow! Back to the canals, we found the pool. Another palm warbler and the green heron was there again!

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