Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Grand Cayman: Drive to Cobalt Coast

Continuing around, we first saw this gorgeous great blue heron being picturesque.

Then Jack spotted a sign for a bird sanctuary, so we headed up there to check it out. What a great pond! We saw a bunch of egrets hanging out in the trees on the far side, the blue-winged teals, the little blue heron. My first time seeing black necked stilts. The heron (I think it's a little blue heron) looking daggers down at what I can only assume is an obnoxious fish that pissed him off. There was a common moorhen there also. A tricolor heron stealing the spotlight from the great egret and snowy egret in the background, longing for their moments in the spotlight. Quite a contrast to the American coot, shyly lurking in the fringes under the branches. The tricolor doing a display for the camera and for the other tricolor that ruffled its feathers. A mystery sandpiper, and a snowy egret taking full advantage of the breeze. It was truly an amazing time at this pond sanctuary!

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