Saturday, March 20, 2010

Grand Cayman: Another morning in the park

What a beautiful morning in the park! Just after entering I saw what I thought was a warbler of some sort perched in the branches above.

I drove along the beach road and then pretty much took up residence by the pool, a wonderful little gathering place. First this common ground dove in the tree, then this spectacular prairie warbler came to visit and snack on a few flies. This white winged dove was ready for its close up, giving me my best look yet at this bird. Then, un-be-liev-ably, a white crowned pigeon came by! These shots were taken through the windshield so the color is a bit drabber than real life. Then a yellow warbler had its turn, and the red dragonfly posed for me. This smooth beaked Ani hung around for a while too. After leaving the park I went to the restaurant parking lot, hoping for parrots, which I did not find. But I did see this Caribbean Elaenia, pretty as you please! I drove around near open fields and came across a mockingbird nest. It looked to me like the mockingbird was feeding chicks, which I could not see but could hear. Then just before I got back to Cobalt Coast, this flicker landed on a phone poll and sang for me for a bit. A great morning!

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