Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Grand Cayman: Botanical Garden

The botanical gardens were really beautiful, we saw so much! At the entrance there were several western spindalis (stripe-head tanagers.)

In the orchid section the flicker visited us. We found parrots (okay, someone found parrots for us and we just enjoyed them). After watching the parrots and other unidentified little lovelies for a while we went on, and noticed a different (female) flicker taking a dust bath in the road. There were several blue iguanas wandering around, this one found a special treat that I suspect is a Skittle! This Cuban bullfinch was flirting with Jack, and seemed to have an injured foot. At their pond we saw West Indian whistling duck, they were beautiful. Also saw the green heron. I managed to get a nice shot of the bananaquit, who only stayed still because he thought I was taking pictures of the green heron behind him. Then one of the ducks wandered over toward the heron, and I love the picture of the large duck and small heron together! This common moorhen was also in the pond. Leaving there and heading into the woodland trail we saw this lizard who has had an unfortunate encounter with somebody, costing him part of his tail. The green dragonfly was gorgeous. At the exit we saw this huge hermit crab, and a palm warbler.

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