Thursday, March 11, 2010

Central Park again

It was not as nice today as the last 2 days, but I went to the park anyway. I had the dentist, and decided a walk around looking at birds would be the perfect recovery! I started at the pond, where the wood duck was again! I love this guy! I saw a sparrow there that I could not identify, so it was not a house sparrow or a white throat or an american tree sparrow. I couldn't get an id picture but did hear it sing, and it was beautiful! easily the prettiest sparrow song I've heard. So I suspect it might be a song sparrow.

Then going towards the rink several blue jays and cardinals, this blue jay let me take a picture of it in a tree. Then I saw some hawks flying overhead. There were a total of three, flying around Essex House, and one perched on the sign for a while. I zoomed in a much as I could, not realizing the picture would come out quite so...... racy. :-) Then I saw either the same mystery sparrow or another one, I managed to get pictures but still can't ID it, I will post separately to try to get help with an ID. Lots of wood- peckers today, I found I think three red-bellies by their calls, this pair of downies by the dairy, and this yellow bellied sap sucker in sheep's meadow. Over the lake another hawk flew over, I didn't see it land. At the feeders were these goldfinches. I also saw a norther flicker there *very* briefly. Continuing around toward the boat house I saw this grackle in the sunlight, it was the prettiest view I've had so far of a grackle. A few minutes after that I saw the northern flicker again! But the #$%^ camera was in power save mode and I couldn't wake it up before the dog came, so, I still have no picture of the flicker. Oh well. Then continued around to the model boat house to check Pale Male's nest, didn't see anything at first (well except sticks) but someone mentioned that someone was home and had been peeking up, so I stuck around for a while. And saw someone at home! Another hawk flew overhead for a while and landed on a light fixture at the Carlisle. It was great! Then headed back down towards home, saw a couple more woodpeckers and of course lots of sparrows. A great day!

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