Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Grand Cayman: Mastic Trail

Today we hiked the Mastic Trail with Stuart, which was a great experience! At the trail head when we were getting ready to start, we saw some grass birds of some sort and a stripe-headed tanager, but I didn't get pictures. Along the trail we saw Cuban bullfinches, an American Redstart, la Sagra's flycatchers, and Caribbean Elenia flycatchers, all of which I didn't get pictures of. But I was finally ready to shoot when we saw the parrots! There were two of them, taking turns posing for us. I even got a shot of a nice tail flare.

Farther along the trail we saw this tree frog, several lizards, and this West Indian wood- pecker. Stuart even managed to spot some fruit bats for us, that was quite a treat! There were also various butterflies, lovely and different types than I see at the beach at Cobalt Coast. Back at the trail head I saw this little bananaquit in someone's yard. A great hike!

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