Tuesday, March 9, 2010

AMNH Walk in Central Park

Today was the second AMNH walk. We started at the museum and headed over to the turtle pond. On the way there things were pretty quiet bird-wise.

At the turtle pond I spotted what turned out to be a turkey vulture, and learned how to identify them. We went from there up to the reservoir. On the way there we saw a bunch of sparrows and dark-eyed junco, and I spotted what turned out to be a golden crowned kinglet! I tried to get pictures but the small frenetic birds are not cooperative. Then on to the reservoir where we saw herring gulls, black-backed gulls, these gadwalls, 2 male bufflehead, two male hooded merganser, a bunch of ruddy ducks, a few northern shovelers, and of course mallards and canada geese. While we were there I found a red-tailed hawk, who was joined briefly by a second one, flying. It was great! Heading back to the museum we found a red-bellied woodpecker, common grackle, yellow bellied sap sucker, and red-winged blackbird. I continued on around the lake, near the bridge across the upper lobe I saw a red-tailed hawk perched, but it flew off quite quickly. I tried to follow it and saw it circling overhead many times, didn't see it perched again. Saw blue jays, cardinals, and one black-capped chickadee.

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