Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Central Park

I went to Central park this afternoon, starting by walking around the duck pond and continuing on to the lake.
By the duck pond were several house sparrows and grackles and mallards. By the rink there were a bunch of blue jays, this one actually let me take a half decent picture! Not great, but my best blue jay shot so far. Then the flyovers started. This looked like a hawk to me, flying in circles over the fields near the rink. It eventually perched on the building briefly.

I continued on by the baseball fields where I saw these ark-eyed junco. I heard a red-bellied wood pecker but had a really hard time finding it, I eventually found it and got a great shot of a sparrow checking him out. Then the crows came and ran off the little birds, although some robins did stay down there, keeping their distance. From there I went right up to the lake, walked around and saw the wood duck! Kept on and saw a red-tailed hawk perched. As I turned on my camera, another red-tail came over and chased it off! I got pictures of red-tailed hawk number two. Then he flew off, so I continued around towards the bridge over the upper lobe. Near there I saw a brown creeper! I didn't get any pictures but did get a really good look, I'm sure that's what it was. Also saw some white throated sparrows and cardinals. A great day!

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