Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The second spot for today's snorkeling was all for fish. It actually didn't seem much better for fish than the first spot, but, okay. Anyway, the first picture is a school of blue tangs doing their thing, then another yellowtail damselfish - I love these! Then a beautiful featherduster worm of some sort.

The fourth picture is a beautiful juvenile French angel fish. So gorgeous and teeny! Then a wrasse and a jack telling each other jokes, and our last sight underwater - a barracuda hanging out under the boat.

Snorkeling: Turtle Spot

The first stop for today's snorkel trip was at a spot known for turtles. First we saw this interesting looking ballyhoo. Then we floated around in turtle territory until we were lucky enough to be visited by a pair of turtles hanging out,

diving down for food and back up for air. It was wonderful! Then we got even luckier when this little sting ray came by to show off a bit. Then we went over to the area with reef fish. We saw this honeycomb cowfish, the blue-spotted wrasse, and yellowtail damselfish - the first picture the juvenile, the second the adult. There were lots of other fish there too, but these were the stand-outs. :-)

Dolphins in port

Today pulling into port I spotted dolphins from the balcony! There were three of them, not jumping much, we could just see them coming up to breathe. I have no idea why they would be in that area, it seems like there would be lots of better places for dolphins to frolic. But we were happy to see them!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Snorkeling: Okay bunch of fish

Our first snorkel day on the cruise. To be honest, the snorkeling was not stellar. But it was great to be in the water, and say hello to the fish we saw! :-) The first picture is of a group of French grunts, a common sight in the Caribbean. The next shot is a beautiful parrotfish.

Then we saw several butterfly fish (including spotfin and foureye) but didn't get good pictures. A nice group of surgeon fish in the third picture. Then a picture of two beautiful blue angel fish, this was sadly the best shot we got although we spent a while with them. The last shot is of a group of bar jack, nice to see these while snorkeling.