Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Spring at last!

Today was another AMNH walk, and it finally feels (and looks and sounds) like spring.  :-)  Warblers are here!

First I quickly visited the upper lobe before meeting the group, where this northern shoveler was posing for a dramatic picture.  They won't be around much longer.

northern shoveler
 And two palm warblers were flitting about in a tree near the bridge, with a kinglet across from them!
palm warbler
 Once the group got started, we headed back there and saw them again, along with this swamp sparrow.
swamp sparrow
 Then we started seeing the yellow rumps.  They were everywhere!  It seemed like if we just paused in a random location, and looked around, we would find one.  This one posed on the rocks along the streamlet.
yellow-rumped warbler
 There were flickers everywhere too, mostly flying away.  Here's a pair flirting, caught up in the magic of springtime.
northern flicker
 Don't worry, this blue-grey gnatcatcher does have a head.
blue-grey gnatcatcher
 Palm warbler at the point.
palm warbler
 This flicker has a fresh hole, and was working on it.
northern flicker
 As we left, we saw two blue-headed vireos!
blue-headed vireo
 And then some crazy kinglets.  You can see this one is displaying his quite impressive ruby crown.
ruby-crowned kinglet
 Kinglet is strong like bull.
ruby-crowned kinglet

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Final Big Day in Panama

Well, today is our last real day here.  Tomorrow is up at an unreasonably early hour to rush to the airport and head back to NYC.  We took full advantage of our day, that's for sure!

First we were greeted by this fellow, who was looking out for bitterns in the stream.  He didn't have any to report.  We will apparently have to come back for the bitterns, for more swimming pool time for Jack, and for the pancakes.  You guys, Panama is amazing at pancakes.
mystery toad

Anyway, into the truck and off we go!  We drove a long way, and made our way to this little guy.  What a joy!  We spent a while with him.

barred puffbird
These two are fairly unrelated, but I like looking at them close to each other.
fasciated antshrike
 This path was luxurious......
 ...and had manakins!
golden-collared manakin
 We stopped several times to see cool stuff.  These is but two small examples.
plumbeous kite
long-tailed tyrant
 We stopped at one particular spot and there were a zillion gorgeous little guys flitting about!  It was like a bonanza, we didn't know where to point our binoculars!
green honeycreeper
golden-hooded tanager
emerald tanager

bay-headed tanager
tawny-capped euphonia
 There were some woodpeckers nesting, which was cool to watch.
black-cheeked woodpecker

Another stop, another trail, another cool set of birds.
chestnut-backed antbird
scarlet-rumped cacique 
By the time we were ready to turn around to head back, the road was like this.

Our last stop before hitting the lodge was on the side of a mountain where some swallow-tailed kites were flying.  What a treat to see them from above!
swallow-tailed kite
 Back at the lodge, I took a last trip through the garden.  And I'm so glad I did!  Coquette! At last!!!
rufous-crested coquette
 And this guy hung out with me for a long time.  What a treat!
striped hermit
 The kingfisher even came by to help me have a wonderful last day.  Thank you Panama!!!
green kingfisher

Friday, April 4, 2014

Can we please move here?

So today was pretty incredible.

It started out with a new experience.  I found this.  In our room.  That was disturbing.

Then it was back into the truck, and off to see a toucanet!

blue-throated toucanet
 Then we stopped by our favorite pond to see what was going on.  Look at how gorgeous that pond is!  The property it's on is a strongly terraced farm, the whole thing is pretty cool.
 Look at that fancy tail!
squirrel cuckoo
 On to one of our destinations, this watercress farm.  Now I want to live on a watercress farm.  Talk about lush!
 Maybe a big fan of the X-men, maybe just marking the spot.  
yellow-faced grassquit
 Another gorgeous fancy hummingbird.  I can't keep them straight.
violet-crowned wood nymph
I don't even know if this is the same one.  Actually, I figured it out - it's not!
sapphire-throated hummingbird
 Tawny cap for sure!
tawny-capped euphonia
 Next spot.  Our guide is ahead of us on the "path."  Yes, that's the path.  I think.  We did go off-path sometimes, but it was sort of hard to tell.  It's the opposite of that place with the crazy awesome sidewalk through the wilderness!
 Banana bird on a flower.  Irresistible!
 Life is a balancing act.
sapphire-throated hummingbird
 Back at the lodge, enjoying the show at the feeders.
orange-billed sparrow
 And it was quite a show!
rufous motmot

fulvous-vented euphonia 
 Off again after lunch - and straight to manakins!  It's still true - I have never met a manakin I didn't like.  Again, feel free to take it as a challenge!
golden-collared manakin
 We spent quite a while watching some toucans of various sorts from afar, and this was the best picture.  It's not perfect, but I absolutely love it!
collared aracari
 Back at the lodge, and one round through the garden before dinner.  And I'm glad I went - these aracari came in right above me, and scouted out this hole for a nest!  Oh, a woodpecker was seriously angry.  But the camera only loved the aracari, it wouldn't even focus on the woodpecker.
collared aracari

collared aracari