Friday, April 4, 2014

Can we please move here?

So today was pretty incredible.

It started out with a new experience.  I found this.  In our room.  That was disturbing.

Then it was back into the truck, and off to see a toucanet!

blue-throated toucanet
 Then we stopped by our favorite pond to see what was going on.  Look at how gorgeous that pond is!  The property it's on is a strongly terraced farm, the whole thing is pretty cool.
 Look at that fancy tail!
squirrel cuckoo
 On to one of our destinations, this watercress farm.  Now I want to live on a watercress farm.  Talk about lush!
 Maybe a big fan of the X-men, maybe just marking the spot.  
yellow-faced grassquit
 Another gorgeous fancy hummingbird.  I can't keep them straight.
violet-crowned wood nymph
I don't even know if this is the same one.  Actually, I figured it out - it's not!
sapphire-throated hummingbird
 Tawny cap for sure!
tawny-capped euphonia
 Next spot.  Our guide is ahead of us on the "path."  Yes, that's the path.  I think.  We did go off-path sometimes, but it was sort of hard to tell.  It's the opposite of that place with the crazy awesome sidewalk through the wilderness!
 Banana bird on a flower.  Irresistible!
 Life is a balancing act.
sapphire-throated hummingbird
 Back at the lodge, enjoying the show at the feeders.
orange-billed sparrow
 And it was quite a show!
rufous motmot

fulvous-vented euphonia 
 Off again after lunch - and straight to manakins!  It's still true - I have never met a manakin I didn't like.  Again, feel free to take it as a challenge!
golden-collared manakin
 We spent quite a while watching some toucans of various sorts from afar, and this was the best picture.  It's not perfect, but I absolutely love it!
collared aracari
 Back at the lodge, and one round through the garden before dinner.  And I'm glad I went - these aracari came in right above me, and scouted out this hole for a nest!  Oh, a woodpecker was seriously angry.  But the camera only loved the aracari, it wouldn't even focus on the woodpecker.
collared aracari

collared aracari

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