Thursday, April 3, 2014

Another day, another amazing change of scene, more gorgeous wildlife

So we took a road trip to a remote luxury community with lots of wild land and a few huge houses.  It's in the mountains, and the road is so steep that you have to have 4-wheel-drive engaged to get there. It was pretty amazing!

There is a lake with a long path around it (it's incredibly well maintained) that we went partway around.  Right away it was pretty exciting, with some broad-winged hawks and a swallow-tailed kite flying over.

swallow-tailed kite
Then this white hawk came in, flew over a few times and settled down for a good 15 minutes.  What a treat!
white hawk
There were of course other cool birds at the lake, which we couldn't even see until the white hawk left.  But they were gorgeous too!
green heron

belted kingfisher
 Okay, time to hit the path.  Heading through the tall tall trees........
 On an actual sidewalk.  It's skinny, but it's cleared and incredibly well-maintained.
 And there were awesome birds!  Also plenty of mosquitos.  But let's not focus on that.
orange-bellied trogon

orange-bellied trogon

 This motmot was showing off how it can swing its tail.

rufous motmot
 My record stands - I have never met a manakin I didn't like.  I challenge you to bring me to a manakin that I don't like!  :-)
white-ruffed manakin
 We were all excited to have a nice sighting of a snowcap!   It's not in the Panama book, but..... well, there it is!
snowcap hummingbird
Of course there is a 360-degree lookout at the top of a rise.  And of course it is gorgeous!
 Parting shot of the motmot, it might be even more gorgeous from the front!
rufous motmot

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