Sunday, March 21, 2010

Grand Cayman: Epic Drive Part One

Today we decided to go back to the east end and the botanical gardens. First at Cobalt Coast this pelican blew by, a great way to start the day!

Then lots of driving, driving, driving, to the sanctuary pond. Where we saw a group of glossy ibis! Also there were a group of black necked stilts, all stilted up and tucked in. A blue winged teal and sandpiper were there, along with the quite glamorous pied billed grebe showing off for us. Continuing around we pulled into a different boat launch (that we had not been to yet) and saw the green heron, and a few more blue winged teals. Back to the inlet/ lake/ whatever that had the tricolored heron and pelican group. Both were there today! Along with a frigate flying over. At Frank Sound this snowy egret posed in the wind for us.

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