Sunday, March 21, 2010

Grand Cayman: Botanical Garden Again

Back at the Botanical Gardens! Just after arriving we ran into this West Indian wood-pecker, who was quite brazen and wanted to hang out.

We also saw this flicker, who was teasing us for a while. While the flicker teased us I saw this mystery bird, I think it's either a La Sagre's flycatcher or a loggerhead kingbird. Then the West Indian wood-pecker insisted on our full attention again. There were some tiny little lovelies flitting about but I didn't even get a decent look at them, let alone a picture. This bananaquit agreed to pose for a while, then it was on to our old friend the green heron. We heard a very strange call and went to check it out. We saw this mystery duck, who I think may be a juvenile purple gallinule. Another common moorhen - I love these birds! On the woodland trail, this mystery dove. As we were walking out we saw the green heron on the water fountain! Then in the parking lot, parrots! It was quite a time there. :-)

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