Friday, March 19, 2010

Grand Cayman: Drive around the island

This afternoon I went on another adventure. I looked in the birding book for places to go, but of course that was 15 years ago, so I just sort of went for it. I ended up first finding this pier with beautiful pelicans, adults this time.

Then another huge series of canals for some sort of construction or power plant or something, where I saw this mystery sandpiper, and this iguana hiding out. I decided to just sort of keep on going towards the East End and see what I saw. I found a large lake or inlet or something nearish Frank Sound road, where this gorgeous tricolor heron held me captive for quite a while. If I looked left, there was some sort of pelican colony hanging out. On the way back, I saw first this great egret (I saw its feet although they are not in this picture) grab itself a snack! The second great egret (yes, I saw its feet also) was just posing, or at least I didn't see it actually snack on anything. I pulled off into what I though was cemetery beach and watched the sun set over this pelican who was quite cooperative with dramatic poses. Getting back to the hotel was an adventure too, I apparently made a wrong turn. But I made it and everything was fine!

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