Thursday, March 18, 2010

Grand Cayman: Morning Drive to Barkers Head

This morning Jack went diving and I got restless. So I decided to try to get to Barkers Head using our little handout maps. Turns out it's easier than the map pretends, and that there's a giant park up there!

First I saw this loggerhead kingbird perched on the tree, surveying his domain. And another one took a brief moment from its busy day to pose. Later there was a grackle who was actually quite insistent on capturing my full attention. This park is mostly for beaching and driving, there aren't a lot of places to bird while walking. But when I was driving along, a big bird flew by and settled onto some trees so I went to check it out. A white crowned pigeon! I even got a few pictures! And in one of them you can see the bird! It was thrilling. Then the zenadia dove, sitting pretty. A pair of smooth billed Anis showing off. A pelican that I would have had to walk way too far in the sun to get close enough to for a decent shot. A common ground dove on the ground! And as I was leaving, an iguana hanging out in a shrub. My first real experience with car-based birding.

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