Thursday, October 18, 2012

Welcome to Botswana!

Well, we made it.  Our flight from JFK to JNB was long.  It was difficult only in that it was long.  Everything else was fine.  Here is what I learned - your legs and hips (and for me, knees) hurt after a few hours because the seats are so hard.  Once I started sitting on my pillow, things improved dramatically!  Sadly that was almost at the end of the flight.  Anyway, a shorter flight to Maun and an even shorter flight to the airstrip were just fine.  On the little plane I got to sit in the co-pilot seat!

Once we got to the airstrip, our wildlife viewing truly began.  We had a drive to the camp that would have taken maybe 30 minutes going at a good clip.  It took us over an hour.  Wanna guess why?

There's no mystery here - what an intro!  All of these pictures were taken on the way from the airstrip to the camp.  It was wonderful to see so much right away!  The guys who drove us were our guides the whole time, so they got a sense of our excitement and interests right away.  They were wonderful on this drive and for our entire stay.  :-)

Lilac-breasted Roller


Red Lechwe

Water Monitor

Cormorant, Yellow-billed Stork, Pied Kingfisher

Egyptian Geese

Black-winged Stilt

Fish Eagles


Crowned Plover



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