Friday, October 19, 2012

River Cruise

This afternoon was the river cruise!  We loaded up onto the boat and headed off into the beautiful water.  Mostly we zoomed around channels which was really fun.


We saw what we eventually concluded was a juvie fish eagle.  We saw it later from another angle.

Juvenile Fish Eagle
They kept calling this a dabchick, and I thought they meant it was the chick of something called a dab.  It was quite small so it could have been.  I told Jack that it looked like some sort of grebe.  They showed me in the book, and it turns out that dabchick is all one word.  It's a little grebe!
Dabchick or Little Grebe
There were a couple of geese playing peek-a-boo in the reeds.
Spur-winged Goose
Here's the other angle of the juvie fish eagle.
Juvenile Fish Eagle
 Time for cocktail hour!  We just stood in the (quite shallow) water and had our drinks and snacks......
Cocktail Hour
....while two malachite kingfishers came over and entertained us!  One chick, one adult, and they were calling back and forth to each other.  Seems likely that the chick was begging and the adult was trying to teach it how to fish and get its own dinner.  They were gorgeous!
Malachite Kingfisher
 And we quite enjoyed this sunset before heading back in for dinner.  What a day!

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