Sunday, October 21, 2012

Epic Afternoon Drive

So we went on our last official game drive of Xaranna today.  So sad!  The guys made it a really special one though.  We started out just looking around, mostly for birds, seeing what's going on.  We found this broad-billed roller and found its home, which was great!  Definitely our best look yet at this beautiful bird.

Broad-billed Roller
 Another bearded woodpecker.  Our first couple of days I didn't see any woodpeckers at all, and now they seem fairly easy to find.  I guess I was too distracted by all the rollers and eagles and stuff!
Bearded Woodpecker
 This grey hornbill was shameless in how it posed.  
Grey Hornbill
If there were a hammerkop supermodel.
 I spotted this long-crested eagle!  It was the first time Tseppo had seen one in this area!  Look at that ridiculous crest!
Long-crested Eagle
  It flew to another tree, insisting that its crest is very serious and not ridiculous at all.  You don't argue with an eagle.
Long-crested Eagle
Hoopoe!  I like seeing under its tail.
Red-billed Woodhoopoe
After about 3 hours we stopped for cocktail hour.  We were far, far from camp.  Not only did they set up the drinks and snacks, they brought chairs so that we could lounge about and sit and watch the pretty sunset!  I feel bad, they brought special champagne for us, which I don't like.  I actually ha to turn down quite a bit of champagne this trip.
Cocktail Hour
Once we finally started heading back, it was time to see what happens at night.  Jackal!
 We saw a few nightjars.  My camera had trouble getting a good focus on them, between the bad light and their camouflage. We saw some flying too, which was really cool!
 Owlet!  This guy was awesome!
Barred Owlet
 We drove and drove and drove, and then Tseppo radiod the camp.  Basically to tell them that we were fine, we were on our way, and we would be there in about an hour........ or so.  Emphasis on the "or so."  We eventually had to race back to get the boat before the hippos blocked the channel.  What a night!

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