Thursday, October 18, 2012

Today on the Nature Channel

So after lunch Jack napped, and I watched the Nature Channel.  I was mostly on our patio, but a couple of these were on the path or at the dining patio.  There was a lot to see around camp today!

First at the lunch patio, there were a lot of squacco herons (and egrets and other water birds) that flew by, and I managed to get a picture of one.  Yay!  :-)

Squacco Heron
 There was a hippo in the channel nearby.  It was just hanging out.
 A green pigeon was in the tree in the boma area.  They are even prettier up close!
Green Pigeon
 From our patio, I saw some impala coming down to drink.  I tried to be nice and still and calm to not scare them away.  It turned out later I didn't need to worry about it.
 Fish eagle, coming right at me, through the window of a nearby tree branch.  So beautiful!  There was a breeding pair with a juvie, and one of the parents was feeding the juvie on the bank of the channel across from us.  It was awesome!  I loved hearing them call, watching them fly, all of that.
Fish Eagle
 The yellow-billed kite didn't like them being right there, so there was a bit of a dispute.
Fish Eagle vs. Yellow-billed Kite
 A grey hornbill came over and posed for me, it was wonderful!  I had seen them a few times, so it was really nice to get some pictures of one.
African Grey Hornbill
 Hoopoe!  Hahahaha, these are still one of my favorite birds ever.
African Hoopoe
 There go the jacanas!  Their calls are hilarious, and it was wonderful to see and hear them so often.
African Jacanas
 These cape turtle doves were everywhere.
Cape Turtle Dove
 Back at the lunch patio, there was a black-collared barbet in the tree.  Hello Handsome!  It was great to watch this guy while having iced coffee getting ready for the afternoon.
Black-collared Barbet

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