Thursday, October 18, 2012

Our first morning drive

Up and at 'em!  We did not sleep well last night.  First of all, the tent has spiders.  More than I am comfortable with.  I am comfortable with zero, and this was more than that.  And these were not daddy-long-legs type spiders, they were serious!  But they were outside the mosquito netting, so we had to just deal and sleep.  Knowing there were spiders.

But that wasn't the hard part, we were expecting some ...... extra small entities in our tent.  That's normal.  However, when you wake up at 1:30 AM and hear heavy breathing outside your tent, walking up and down just outside the canvas for 20-30 minutes, that was not expected.  Struck me like a large dog, but of course there are no domestic dogs at this safari camp.  Turned out later there were hyenas in the camp last night, and apparently one of them was hanging out by out tent for a while.  That was...... well, we didn't sleep well, let's just leave it at that.

However, the morning made up for all of that in short order.  First of all, check out this sunrise!  This was taken on the boat on the way to the car.  Because that's how we roll.

 Well I thought I would never be so close to a lilac-breasted roller again, but guess what??  Yes, that's right, look at that gorgeousness!
Lilac-breasted Roller
 We saw a lot of kudu, I love the light on these guys.  Those horns are impressive.
 This elephant gave us a coy glance while eating.
 This fish eagle is having a rougher morning that we are.
Fork-tailed Drongo harassing Fish Eagle
 Hello giraffe!  I am very very happy to see you!
 The first of about a zillion blacksmith lapwings.
Blacksmith Plover/Lapwing
Black-bellied Korhaan/Bustard

Black-bellied Korhaan/Bustard
 Another roller!  This one is broad-billed, they are shier.  I never got a really close look, but I did see them fly away several times.
Broad-billed Roller
 Who loves baby antelope?
 We were giving the tsessebes too much attention, the zebras came over and totally photobombed.
Zebras photobombing Tsessebes

Blue Waxbills
 Ostriches!  Hahahaha, they are awesome.
 This giraffe is running.
 Another baby!
 We saw so many of these, I'm glad I got a nice picture of one.
Fork-tailed Drongo
I fell a little bit in love with magpie shrikes.
Magpie Shrike
 This one had to go.
Magpie Shrike
 Reedbucks are excellent at hiding in plain sight.
 Our first bateleur eagle!  I was so happy to see these again.  :-)
Bateleur Eagle
 It was ~quite~ a great introduction.  We got back from the drive so late that we missed breakfast altogether, and went straight to lunch.  Wonderful!

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