Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Lions are rude eaters

Time for the afternoon drive!  First we loaded up on iced coffee and a cookie.  Then we hit the road!  The landscape here is pretty much the opposite of New York City.

We saw tons of these guys, but they were fairly shy.  No good close-ups.
African Wattled Plover or Lapwing
You dirty, dirty rhino............

Look at that horn!  Ridiculous!  I am very glad to be in the vehicle.
It's hard to tell, but I am extremely happy.  I'm taking pictures of lions eating something.  Wanna see them?

This lion is stuffing her face.  Just like a kid, when the normal methods don't work, she just reaches up and shoves it in her mouth.
 Lions make funny faces.  This one is about done eating for now.  There were about 8 lions all gathered around their prey, eating, shoving each other, growling, sometimes pushing each other with a paw.  A couple of times there were disputes over choice morsels.  They do ~not~ share well.

 Food coma.

 Hahahahaha, I love this one!

 Take a look at that intense focus.
 That was delicious!
 We headed back towards camp, and I'm sure we saw lots of other stuff.  Definitely buffalo.  Probably lions and giraffes.  Probable wildebeest.  Who can say for sure.  Then after it was pretty dark we found a leopard!  Well, we found it with the help of the other car who was following it.  Anyway, we saw it, and he was gorgeous!  However it was dark so the pictures are lousy.  Here's the best one.  Between the drives today and the elephants during my nap, I had a Big 5 Day!  Sam was very happy to hear this.

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