Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Yes, it's still freezing

Back to the park for the final AMNH winter walk.  It is living up to its name, it was about 20 degrees and the lake is still pretty much frozen over!  On the way up to meet the group I checked out he duck spot - a little more open, with plenty of mallards (one bi-curious male was apparently trying to seduce another male) and several shovelers.  I didn't see any wood ducks.

It was a nice walk, although we did not find the woodcock we were hoping for.  We did, however, enjoy seeing so much of this cute towhee!

eastern towhee
 He looks like he's escaping from jail.  Wheeeeeeeeee!
eastern towhee
 Plenty of white-throats around, looking charming.  We even heard a fairly complete song several times.
white-throated sparrow
 These two downies were flirting across several trees.  Spring is in the air, although you can't tell from the temperature and the ice everywhere.
downy woodpecker
 A few red-bellied woodpeckers were around.
red-bellied woodpecker
 Nuthatch!  I think there were two of them.
white-breasted nuthatch
 A fox sparrow at the feeders.  A song sparrow was nearby but was absolutely determined there would be no pictures.  By me anyway.  :-)
fox sparrow
 On the way out someone spotted two turkey vultures!
turkey vulture

turkey vulture

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