Thursday, March 27, 2014

Starfish Beach Day

 What a day!  It was another great time getting up with the birds, I will miss this so much.

Then down to breakfast where we saw the two roadside hawks, and after we watched them for a few minutes we went in to order.  I brought Jack's mother out to see the hawks, and they got frisky!  It was pretty exciting.  My camera was too riled up to focus properly.

 Ah, relaxation time.
 I decided to take a few pictures of the crazy (but quite small) spiders on the deck.  Jack has not noticed them, so I tried to be low-key.
 I went with the guys to talk to them about today's excursion, but it became clear that I didn't want to be a part of that, so I found some wrens making a nest.  Look how cute!
 Then it was boat time!  We had a great boat ride to starfish beach, where everyone got out except Jack and I - we went to Bird Island.  It's a little island nearby where seabirds next.  It was gorgeous!

 Back to starfish beach, where we enjoyed snorkeling and pina coladas.

Back on the boat to head back home, we went quite a ways into a really old (and beautiful) mangrove forest.  
 And got a good look at this frigate with a fish!  :-) We made it back tired and happy.

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