Saturday, March 29, 2014

Goodbye to Red Frog

Our last morning at Red Frog!  I started off the day in my favorite way, waking up with the birds.  Including this cousin to an old friend.

olive-crowned yellow-throat
 A grackle gave us a good contrast in terms of size for this bird, which I guess is some sort of crow.  Wish the light had been better, to get more than just a silhouette!  
grackle, crow
 The wood rail came by the pool, giving us quite a nice view.
grey-necked wood rail
 And then there were the regulars.
black-cowled oriole

Cherrie's tanager (female)

 Running around with errands to wrap everything up, Jack and I finally saw a sloth!  There were two, and we would have missed them except we saw someone else looking and asked them what they were seeing.  Sloth!  :-)

 We brought Jack's parents back to see, and we all had a good view.  And we got to show several other people, which I love.
 Back to the villa just in time to say good-bye to the woodpecker, and then collect our bags and head to the ferry.
lineated woodpecker

We had a break between the ferry and the airplane, so we visited one of the many fun little places on the beach.  And so did Jack's new best friend! The hummingbird liked to perch on the old bike hanging right above Jack's head.  :-)

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