Friday, March 28, 2014

Red frogs at last!

Another day of rising with the birds and enjoying the dawn chorus.  I had only four things I really wanted to see - the manakins, monkeys, a sloth, and the red frogs that this place was named for but still eluded me.  We didn't have any real plans today so we decided to walk around near the zipline to look for red frogs later.

lineated woodpecker

Montezuma oropenola


red-lored parrot

roadside hawk
 After breakfast, we took Jack's parents on the little trail between the restaurant and the hostel, which was great!  We found the manakins!!!!!!  We had a nice long look at this male.  He didn't dance, but he did pose.  Wish there had been more light!
golden-collared manakin
 Also this monkey crossed above us, so now I had seen two out of four!
white-faced capuchin
 Then there was some gold cart confusion and we ended up stranded at the restaurant.  So I started walking along the path , which as you can see has some quite inviting spots!
 These crabs were everywhere but were very hard to see.

masked tityra
 This basilisk is still young, but wanted to demo its chompers.
 Wow, what a view of the black hawk!!!  Right after seeing this I met up with Jack's mother again and we went to collect the boys at the restaurant and head back to the villa.
common black hawk

black-cheeked woodpecker
 Red frogs at last!!!!!  Finding the first one is really hard, and then they are just about everywhere.  Look how cute!  They are so tiny.
red frog
 Another great look at a roadside hawk.  This looked like it was going to be a courtship display sort of flight, but then the hawk took off, so, apparently not.  It was wonderful to see!
roadside hawk

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