Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Monkey, but still no sloth

Today included a great walk, which included a roadside hawk and a manakin!  The morning was quite a bit darker and rainier than the other mornings so far, with less activity.  Still the best way to start the day.  :-)

scarlet tanager

yellow warbler
The hawk was in the hawk tree!

The views here are just gorgeous.
 When we got to the lunch place, it was packed so we went for a walk before eating.  Heading into the trail we saw these skittish but quite pretty crabs right away.
 These tanagers teased us and teased us before coming nice and close.  But they were so fast it was still hard to get a good look at them!

tawny-crested tanager
 At the end of that trail, this roadside hawk greeted us and tempted us to just turn left and keep walking.
roadside hawk
Then we heard manakins.  We followed their sounds and seemed to get really really close, but then it started raining.  Sad manakins!  We did get a glimpse of a male, who was gorgeous.  This female seemed to be the cause of the commotion though.  :-)

golden-collared manakin, female

Yes!  Monkeys!

We only had eyes for this gorgeous woodpecker, although the Cherrie's tanager was begging for attention.
lineated woodpecker

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