Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Excursion Day

Today we got up again for greeting the day as the birds did, and again it was lovely.  Our first time seeing this summer tanager, and love was in the air for the bananaquits!  Okay, love was on the branch.  Close enough.  :-)  The blue-grey tanagers are building a nest and chasing away every bird that dares to land in their bush.

Again we watched several small groups of parrots flying to and fro, and the oropendola flying and perching and calling, dip and all.

And I have some mystery birds.  I thought they were cinnamon becards, but looking at the book that seems not to be the case.  One-colored becards maybe?  I am not at all sure.  One cinnamon, one black, looking and behaving like a pair.

Oh, and our first sighting of a common black hawk!

summer tanager

bananaquits making more bananaquits

early morning parrot and mystery bird

mystery birds


blue-grey tanager

Then we went on our first excursion!  Dolphins, snorkeling, and lunch on a pretty little island.

 The snorkeling was fine but not great, the best part was being back in the water!

 This butterfly looks crazy when landed, gorgeous when flying. Never seen that shape before.  We saw cool birds too but since we just had the underwater camera, no pictures.

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