Sunday, March 30, 2014

Welcome to Canopy Lodge!

After a wonderful night at the Waldorf in Panama City, we were whisked off to Canopy Lodge.  Once we checked in, it was off to the feeders and down a trail to see a sloth!  Back to meet our guide, who took us much further down the same trail to see wonderful things.  :-)

golden-hooded tanager

grey-headed chachalaca

This sloth, once some other guests showed us exactly where to find it, was a joy to watch.  Not exactly secretive!
 Back at the feeders, there was plenty of activity.
thick-billed euphonia, crimson-backed tanager

chestnut-headed oropendola

streaked saltator, blue-grey tanager

fulvous-vented euphonia, crimson-backed tanager

green honeycreeper

bronze-tailed plumeleteer 

bay-headed tanager
On the trail again, where the sloth was relaxing.
We pressed on, running into this handsome fellow.
fasciated antshrike
And this guy!  What a joy to see an owl!
mottled owl
 We went up to a waterfall, and got to see a motmot hanging out in front of it.
rufous motmot
Wait - make that a pair of motmots!  Hopefully there will be more motmots here soon.
rufous motmot
 We loved the bridges.
husband and guide

Coming back along the trail and along the road, we found more fun stuff - toucans!
keel-billed toucan
 And this mystery bird.  I don't remember what it is, it's not on our checklist, and I can't find it in the Panama book.  Which probably means it's super common and I just missed something obvious.
mystery bird

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