Sunday, August 9, 2015

Adventure Day Number One

Made it to Costa Rica last night, and today is adventure day!  I woke up early and went out to the balcony, and discovered that we have an excellent view of a very active pond!  Roseate spoonbills even!  I mean, who doesn't like waking up to giant pink birds?  Sadly I had no camera or shoes.  Obviously I went down anyway.  Ibis, egrets, herons, spoonbills..... what a great start to the day! Then I went out with Ersel and my travel buddy to explore and see what we could see.  We didn't even make it off of the hotel property before we saw howler monkeys.

howler monkey
Then it was time for breakfast.  I love Costa Rican food!!!!  And off to to Palo Verde.  Our first sighting was this laughing falcon - my nemesis bird from Manuel Antonio, seen at last!
laughing falcon
 Lots of water birds, including this gorgeous little blue heron.  I just love them.
little blue heron

 Tiger heron!  We saw one, watched it for a while, it eventually flew off.  We were so happy, and then as we turned around we noticed another one - much closer - right behind us.  :-)
bare-throated tiger heron
 The rice fields are popular.
black-necked stilt, northern jacana
 We took our time to get a good view of this secretive fellow.  Ersel was excited and so was I - it's not every day that the guide gets a life bird!
yellow-breasted crake
 Before saying goodbye we got a too-brief glimpse of little cutie ducklings!
black-bellied whistling duck
 These guys were guarding the fence.  No potential food gets out!
double-striped thick-knee
black-headed trogon (female)
 This tiger heron wanted to show off its stripes.
bare-throated tiger heron
 There were some coati on the side of the road.
white-nosed coati
 Next stop, waterfall swimming hole!  This was gorgeous, and the water was just the right temperature.  The walk down was a challenge for me, since I brought the wrong shoes.  Yes, that's right, I'm blaming the shoes.  :-)  Then back to the hotel exhausted and happy.  :-)

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