Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Adventure Day Number 2!

Time for another adventure day!  Ersel picked us up just after we spotted some caracaras at the hotel.  Off to a good start!

yellow-headed caracara
Another great breakfast, and another long drive, this time up to Murcielago Park.  We picked up a couple of journalists on the way, anting to do a story about this tour company, which is fairly new and totally awesome.  :-)  We stopped at their headquarters (a gorgeous ranch) to gear up and then headed over to the park.  Right away we saw more monkeys!
white-faced capuchin
turquoise-browed motmot
The birding trail we followed was gorgeous, but the birds were mostly just teasing us.  To me this motmot was the star attraction.  

Snack on the beach, and then out on the boat!  Here's the beach we just left.
 Geological formations with layers that contain the history of millions of years.
 Frigates and an optimistic pelican hang out with local fishermen.
 Turtles!  This is the pre-egg-laying phase.
 We should probably leave them alone.  :-)
 This was just ridiculously beautiful.  Like, if somehow a postcard became 3-D, photoshopping and all, and you got to go inside it.  Everything was so bright and vivid and beautiful!
 Hawk!  He flew back and forth between a couple of trees, and then he got a fish!
mangrove black-hawk
 Snorkeling was really nice - how great to be back in the water!  It was cloudy and I'm not good with underwater photography, but here's a little of what we saw.

 Oscar (the boat driver who is impressive with incredible credentials) found us some starfish!


 On the road again, heading back to the ranch.  Another spoonbill, another crappy picture.

roseate spoonbill
 The light was incredible as the sun set, so we stopped for some magazine-style pictures.  What a day!

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