Friday, August 14, 2015

A day at the beach

Last full day in Costa Rica!  I spent the morning on the balcony, and the afternoon at the beach.  It was pretty great!

In the morning there were the usual suspects.

green heron
 This giant moth flew around for a while, it was surprisingly loud.
 One of the wrens got over its shyness and posed on the railing.
rufous-naped wren
Off to the beach!  I packed up a bag (forgetting my swim shirt, more sunblock, and bug spray) and headed off.  As soon as I got onto the beach I looked left, and there were 2 open chairs with sweet, glorious shade - umbrella *and* trees!  I plopped myself down and settled in for a wonderful afternoon.  I read until I got hot, and then I either ran into the water for a dip (it was wonderful) or ran to the bar for a daiquiri and a refill on my icy cold water.  A couple of times I scooted my chair back further under the trees for excellent shade as the sun moved.  This was the kind of beach afternoon that vacation dreams are made of!
 I left the beach in time to do my shopping (the vendors I wanted stuff from said they left about 4), made my purchases, and headed back to the room.  Just in time to see the monkeys in the tree right outside, a whole pile of them, crossing from tree to tree.  So I got out my camera and sat on the balcony (have I mentioned how much I love our balcony?) and watched the monkeys do their thing.  There were at least 3 or 4 with little monkey babies on their backs, it was so cute!  :-)

Oh, and here is the green iguana, the pond boss.

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