Monday, August 10, 2015

Relaxing day at the pond

Today I finally got some rest, mostly out on the balcony looking over our gorgeous pond!  It seemed like everyone was here at some point.  I was super excited to see the mot mot!  Sadly it was only in bad light.  But still!  :-)

turquoise-browed motmot
 There was plenty of action in the pond.
white ibis
 I forgot to take pictures of the roseate spoonbills!  So all I have is this guy in the background of the green heron picture.
green heron, roseate spoonbill
 Tropical kingbird wants to know what I'm looking at.
tropical kingbird

northern jacana, great egret
 There were plenty of iguanas, this is a black one, there were also a few green ones about.
black iguana
squirrel cuckoo 
 There was even a tiger heron for a while!
bare-throated tiger heron
 This egret soon sensed that something was amiss.
great egret
 Muscovy duck!  I've only ever seen domestic versions, but this one looks like a wild one to me. Well, not much white, anyway.
Muscovy duck

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