Tuesday, August 11, 2015

A Day of Hardly Moving

I'm so tired.  I've been coughing, I don't want to eat, I don't want to move much, and Adventure Day and Turtle Night just about did me in.  Today, it's all balcony, all the time!  Sadly the pond is not active since the rain storm - too much dirt stirred up in the water.  But between the birds that are still around and my room service lunch (chicken soup and mashed potatoes) I had a wonderful restful day.
There were a pair of these woodpeckers teasing me, sadly this is my best shot.  So cute!
Hoffmann's woodpecker 
 Euphonias came by!  Oh I have missed these little guys!  Look how bright!  With a fancy yellow cap on the fellow!
scrub euphonia
 They deserve two pictures.
scrub euphonia
 This dude looks like a blue jay went shopping and overdid it.  
white-throated magpie jay
 There were three juvie green herons flying all around, this tree, that tree, side of the pond, back up into another tree, chasing each other here and there.  They are not good at landing in trees yet.  It's pretty funny.
green heron
 Ducks love a nice portrait.
black-bellied whistling duck
 Parakeets!  I've seen (and heard) dozens flying around, a few finally landed where I could (barely) see them!  I'm not 100% certain on the ID, but that's as close as I could get.
orange-chinned parakeet 
 There is a pair of wrens nearby.  They love, love, love to sing their songs.  Look at that eye!
rufous-naped wren

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