Monday, August 10, 2015

Aventure Night

Tonight was amazing.  We went with a guide to the beach looking for turtles laying eggs, which was a little chancy - the night of the zillion turtles laying eggs was a few days ago, we were hoping for stragglers.  There was a huge storm that led to a frantic chase for some sort of dinner, then we were off to parts unknown (well, the beach anyway) with nothing to lose.

It was a long drive but we made it, passing a tarantula and a snake.  Nature is creepier at night.  Once on the beach we walked along to the red light of the guides' flashlights.  My own red flashlight that I got expressly for this purpose was sitting uselessly on a shelf in NYC.  Oh well, onward!

We found a turtle who was done laying and heading back to the water.  Cool, but not completely satisfying!  Then we found another one who was just starting to dig.  This was promising!

Sadly this turtle was injured, and usually they don't accept help. But our guide tried to help anyway, and she accepted!  I got down on the sand for a close-up view of the turtle trying to scoop sand and not doing a good job, and our guide reaching in and scooping, scooping, scooping her a perfect nest.  Once they were done, the eggs came!  It was so wonderful to see.

After the eggs were all laid, the guide helped her scoop the sand back over them so hopefully they will hatch in their time!  She was old and injured, and this was probably her last year laying eggs.  It was wonderful to be there!

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