Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Surprise Cuckoo!

So I went to the park today, expecting to see some herons and cormorants at the pond, and nothing much in the ramble.  But it was such a gorgeous day, staying in was pretty unthinkable.  Off I went, to find loads of people and loads of projects going on at the pond, which meant that I saw a couple of finches and a non-glamorous wood duck and that's about it.

To the ramble!  It started slowly with the boathouse path almost blocked by yet another project, but I made it to the oven and sat down for a few minutes.  Plenty of starlings, cardinals, house sparrows, robins, grackles, etc.  And then something caught my eye, it was a warmer brown and stood differently, almost like a wood creeper.  Let's take a closer look with the binocs.

A cuckoo!  Yes, definitely!  Okay.  Be cool.  --- Be Cool. --- Get out the camera slowly, calmly, without spooking it.  Oh no it's moving, take a picture fast fast fast!

black-billed cuckoo

Okay.  Well, that's that, then.  Wait, it didn't actually ~leave~ it just went a little bit..... behind that...... if I lean a bit......

black-billed cuckoo

Okay, yeah, now it's really gone.  That was awesome!

And on my way out, this charming scene of a heron, roosting goose, and sunning turtles.  A truly gorgeous day, with a surprise cuckoo!

black-crowned night heron, Canada goose

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