Saturday, September 1, 2012

Crossbills - yes!

There are red crossbills in the park!  This apparently almost never happens, and birders are all aflutter. Sorry.  We are flocking to the park!  Sorry.  OK, I think I'm done.

Jack and I headed up to try to find them, pausing first at the upper lobe to check on the juvie black-crowned night heron.  There it is!
Black-crowned Night Heron

Up to the castle.  On the way we passed someone who gave us a tip on what the crossbills sound like, which was very helpful!  We actually heard the chatter just as it was described, looked up, and saw them fly in!  Then we got to watch them crossing their bills impressively, getting those pine nuts, for maybe 20 minutes.  Then more chatter and off they went.  It was great!  There was also a red-eyed vireo nearby, you know, for variety.  In case we got bored with the crossbills.

Red Crossbill

Red Crossbill

Red Crossbills

Down through the ramble where we saw a few things, including seeing the crossbills again at the upper lobe!  We didn't get to see them bathe and drink, but we did see a quite dashing red male in the sun.
Red Crossbill

To the streamlet, where we saw the usual suspects - a northern waterthrush,  a maggie, a Canada, an early thrush.

Northern Waterthrush

Magnolia Warbler

Canada Warbler
Mystery Thrush

Oh, and waxwings!  Did I mention the waxwings?  There were quite a few.  What a treat!

Cedar Waxwing

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