Friday, April 23, 2010

Warbler at Turtle Pond

UPDATE:  This bird is an American Goldfinch, a beautiful male in breeding plumage.  Thanks to everyone who emailed me to identify it, and thanks to everyone who came to look at the picture, whether you emailed me or not!  I thought it was a warbler because of the yellow, and I clearly got too excited.  :-)    

 In other news, I saw two double-crested cormorants on the lake.  This is the best picture I got, although I had several sightings.  Including one when I was leaving of one of them in the upper lobe, fishing and then taking off from the water and flying away, which I didn't think they could do!  I thought they had to dry off first, that the water in their feathers/wings made them too heavy.  But apparently they can fly (at least for a decent while) just out of the water.

At the oven, I saw a water thrush of some sort.  He was very elusive, but I did see him about 4 times in the course of the afternoon.  No pictures.  It was actually pretty maddening.  I would see him for about 30 seconds, get a pretty decent look, bring the camera up, and....... he was gone!  I would wait about 10-15 minutes, see him for about 30 seconds....... you can see how this could go on for quite some time.  When I was leaving, I saw a group of 4-5 cedar waxwings come down to get a drink, here's a cute pic of one.   

It was a beautiful day and I was sorry to leave the park, but I had plans!  I will have to remember that sometimes plans that start before 7:00 are a bad idea, if the weather is good.  :-)


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