Thursday, April 29, 2010

Central Park: The pond up to the lake

After the dentist (again.  ugh.) I went over to the Pond at 59th.  Going around along the south shore towards the waterfall I spotted a black-crowned night heron!  He was well hidden up in the brush on the Hallett side, I couldn't see him with my naked eye at all.  Only through binocs.  I think that's my first time spotting a bird with binocs where I saw only brush with my eyes.  Ah, progress!  Anyway, after a little while he came down and had a giant fish!  It really looks too big for him to eat, at least in one gulp.  He was jut sort of carrying it around, I guess he'll figure out a plan.
I turned around and went towards the bridge, and in the main part of the pond saw another one!  I don't think it was the same one, I think I would have noticed that.  Of course I miss stuff frequently, so, who knows.  Anyway this one was just out and sitting on a branch, again on the Hallett side.  Beautiful!

The wood duck and his Mallard lady love were hanging out on the other side of the bridge in the small muddy section, the wood duck chasing off male mallards who came over.  You know, just to see what was up.

Also on that side was this toad, the first one I've seen here this year.

On the island by the bridge one of the geese was sitting pretty, right where it looked like maybe they were trying to make some sort of nest.  I really wonder if they're just going to nest there, that would be amazing, there is such a close-up clear view from the bridge!

Up to the lake.  I walked along the trail south of sheep's meadow but didn't see anything of note.

At the oven the water thrush was still there, and still fairly elusive.  While I waited for him the cormorant came over and posed for me briefly.

 After a while the water thrush came almost to the near side!  He was more than half way across anyway.  Definitely my best look yet at him.

Then a waxwing or two came over for a drink.

The kinglet was still in his bush.  He didn't show me his crown today.

Heading to Bow Bridge I saw the cormorant standing under a tree doing some preening, looking quite dapper.

Then saw this robin sitting in a nest, right along the path.

It was a good day for me, although it's frustrating to see so many posts about so many different birds that I just can't seem to find.  Oh well, for a post-dentist visit, this was wonderful!

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