Saturday, April 3, 2010

Saturday in the park

Today was another beautiful day, so Jack and I headed up to Harlem Meer in Central Park to see if we could find that black crowned night heron. Today he was much harder to find, I never would have seen him if I hadn't found him yesterday when he was out in the open. He was by the island, tucked away under the branches, resting although not asleep.

While we were there the mute swans came out. This one showed off on our side for a few minutes before realizing that someone was feeding the other one on the other side! So off he went, flapping like crazy and running across the water. Hilarious! In the north woods we saw a group of 4-5 downies chasing each other around. Also several blue jays and about a gajillion robins. They're everywhere! One red-bellied woodpecker, and one bird that looked like a flycatcher of some sort to me, but the pictures were totally blurry and then the little guy was gone. At the reservoir, there was a group of ruddy ducks, a few buffleheads, several gulls, a few mallards, a group of Northern Shovelers. A hawk gave us a surprise fly-by, sadly this was the best picture I got. We did see a cormorant fly over, but none in the water today.

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