Saturday, April 24, 2010

Connecticut Birding

So we went to Connecticut for a weekend in a luxury hotel, filled with room service and maybe a bubble bath ot seven.  And of course birding along the way!  We ended up being delayed quite a bit, and went to this park for shorebirds.

There were yellowlegs all over the place.

And osprey!  They actually have an osprey cam, the ospreys have eggs now.  We saw one fishing and one was on the nest the whole time.

I think they may have switched places but I can't be sure.  As you can see they were far away, and my poor binocs just couldn't quite handle it.  It was great to see them!

There were a few green wing teals about, again too far off to get a good picture.

We went up to the viewing tower and saw this wild turkey!

The red winged blackbird was actually at a different park, it was cool to see him, although the rest of the park was a wash.

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