Sunday, April 18, 2010

Today was not quite as cloudy, and we went to the park again. We started at the pond, where we saw a double-crested cormorant again, perched and then later swimming/ fishing. The wood duck and his mallard female were hanging out under the bridge, and once we got to the far side of the bridge on the eastern shore, they came over to see if we had any bread for them. It was just us and the pair of ducks, so it was a wonderful sighting! We also saw what I think was a palm warbler on the Hallett side, hard to ID them that far away. Continuing on, Jack went on back home, and I went towards the lake. Just across the street a female downy came over, she was a little too far away to get a good picture, but it was great to see her in that area! On the trail south of Sheep's Meadow I saw two Eastern Towhees, my first time seeing them! While I was trying to get a decent picture of a towhee a downy came over to say hello. I mean came ~right~ over. Gorgeous! I got up to the lake and went to the area right on the far side of Bow Bridge, where I saw a hermit thrush. Finally a pretty picture of a hermit thrush! Hawks are much easier to take pictures of. These little birds are way too fast. Then a kinglet came through, I don't know which kind, and this poor picture was the best I could do. Then a palm warbler, this one came out sort of okay! Then on to willow rock. I had just settled in to wait for cool birds to come over when a group of birders came over, they had been tracking a water thrush. I helped them find it again, and we saw two water thrushes, and there was quite a discussion whether they were Louisiana or Northern. The only one I got a decent picture of was the one that everyone pretty much agreed was Louisiana. Also a grackle with pretty coloring posed in the sunlight briefly, I tried to capture how pretty they are in the right light. Then back to the area by bow bridge, where I saw a pair of ruby-crowned kinglets - one flashed his crown! It was wonderful, but they are much faster than I am, and I got no good pictures. All in all, a good day!

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