Monday, April 5, 2010

Central Park White-Eyed Vireo

Today I wandered around the park after seeing the dentist, recovering from a morning of shots and drilling. I wasn't really searching out birds so much as walking and seeing what caught my eye. First I noticed that the wood duck is back at the pond! Still in love with his mallard female, which is both wonderful and hilarious to watch. The egret is not in sight since that one sighting, but hopefully will be back. On the little trail before Sheep's Meadow I saw several of these dark eyed juncos, but they were too skittish for a good shot. Saw one raccoon way up in a tree in a position that looked frankly uncomfortable, and saw this one nestled in the lake shore by willow rock. I told a mother with her daughter that the raccoon was there, and they were delighted, they had been looking for one all afternoon. At azalea pond I ran into a birder looking for the white-eyed vireo. Luckily the shots had pretty much worn off before our conversation. Anyway, I have basically no shot at finding a small, energetic, rare bird. So I went off on my own, thanking her and wishing her luck. I climbed a rock and sat for a few minutes, and saw a pair of gorgeous mallards hiding out under a bush and looking sly. Then one by one a bunch of birders showed up, and they eventually did see the bird! I wandered back over and after looking at the tree for about half an hour (I'm not even kidding) I did finally see the bird. I didn't see the eye very well though, I never would have identified it as that bird, I would have put it as a warbler of some sort, probably a pine warbler. Anyway none of the pictures came out very well, this is the best one. Then I hurried home and took more Advil!

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