Friday, April 2, 2010

Beautiful spring day in the park

It was a truly gorgeous day today! I decided to have Day of Much Walking.

I rode the subway up to Harlem Meer in Central Park, where 2 white ducks were swimming along. On the island in the meer were this mute swan and this black-crowned night heron! There were also plenty of turtles, who act like they have been fed. Are people feeding the turtles now? Also present were some (very) ruddy ducks too far away for a decent picture, mallards, and Canada geese. Just before moving on I saw this pretty little song sparrow. At the reservoir there were a couple of double crested cormorants swimming and hunting, a good sized group of buffleheads, a few northern shovelers, Canada geese, and many gulls. I saw herring gulls and black-backed gulls for sure, there may have been other types. Moving down towards the lake, the upper lobe was blocked off by cops trying to deal with a loud dude who may or may not have been crazy. There were lots of birds around, I could hear them, but they were quick little buggers and I didn't see a whole lot. There were also lots of folks around, after all it was a gorgeous day on the last day of spring break. :-) Did see a couple of northern flickers and red-bellied wood-peckers, no pictures of them though. A few blue jays, and this lovely cardinal was one of several that I saw. This brown creeper nearly gave me the slip. Then I found the black-crowned night heron by the point! So there are two in the park at least - one at Harlem meer, one at the lake by the point. A great day! :-)

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