Saturday, April 27, 2013

Post-brunch park happiness

What a day!  First an amazing brunch at a friend's place, then some of us went for a walk in the park enjoying the gorgeous afternoon.  The walk started off with something I've never seen before, a hawk and an egret circling together above us.  It looks like they are at different altitudes, but it was weird to see them both circling in the same section of the sky.

red-tailed hawk, great egret
 When the sun shone through the egret's feathers, it was really interesting to see how the feathers overlay each other and where the bones are.
great egret
 I'm finally starting to be able to recognize this little vixen.  She has confused me so many times!
red-winged blackbird (female)
 Ovenbird!  My first of the season.  And I got to show it to a little old lady who was delighted to see it, saying it was her first warbler of the season.  It's such a great feeling to find something cool and share it with someone.
 Bat!  Apparently it's been sleeping in this area for a few days, I never would have noticed it without someone pointing it out - looked just like a dead leaf, did not catch my eye at all.  Well done both to the bat and the person who spotted it!
 There were a few warblers around, but the only other real highlight for me was seeing this egret at the upper lobe on my way out.  :-)
great egret

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