Monday, April 8, 2013

Two owls after the walk

So after the walk, Paul suggested I check for the barred owl and try to see a pine warbler.  Sounds good to me!  Off I went.  I have never found an owl on my own, even knowing the general area it was seen.  They are extremely hard to spot.  But I walked around a while, checking trees, looking, looking.  No owls.  Right away I was charmed though by a horde of juncos and this nuthatch, who eventually came right over and posed for me.

white-breasted nuthatch

And a kestrel!  I'm fairly sure.  The lighting was terrible, and my battery ran out, and somehow when desperately fumbling for a new battery I managed to drop my sweater without realizing it.  Luckily a kind woman handed it to me, and then asked me where the owl was.  Hahahahaha, I love birding!  I so wish I had known where it was, she was so kind.  She did seem happy about the kestrel though.
American kestrel

Then I saw two people looking happily and intently at a clump of trees, so I thought that looked pretty promising and went over.  And indeed there it was!  Hello Gorgeous!  :-)
barred owl
 Heading back down to the ramble I ran into some other folks and we traded owl stories.  This day is getting better and better!  I started that way but got distracted by this great egret at the upper lobe.  I saw it try for a fish, miss, and walk off, trying to play like he had planned that all along.  You know how a cat walks off after falling off of a railing or something?  Like, nobody saw anything, and my dignity is still intact......  :-)  Off to try to find the other owl!
great egret

Sure enough, when I followed their directions, there was a clump of birders all gathered around this little beauty.  It was so close to the path, I was a little worried that if some boisterous people came by they could bump into it without realizing it was there.  But I guess the owl knows best, it seemed relaxed and content the whole time I was there.
saw whet owl
 Another sapsucker.  They look so different now than in the winter.  Look how vivid!
yellow-bellied sap sucker

 The wood ducks were still there, and came a little closer.
wood duck
 My good-bye bonus bird was this black crowned night heron.  I love these guys!  They look like a cross between a heron and a penguin.
black-crowned night heron

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