Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Waiting for warblers

Oh when, oh when will the warblers arrive?  Not today is the basic answer.  Hopefully soon!  They are just trickling in a little bit at a time.  Luckily it was still a beautiful day with lots to see.  I started out with 3 red-tailed hawks circling above.  I love seeing them!  I waas where the oriole's nest was last year, hoping they came back, but I didn't see or hear them.

red-tailed hawk
 I took about four steps and then saw these two turkey vultures circling in a different part of the sky.  Great start!
turkey vulture
 By the pond, the geese left their eggs on their own while they went swimming.
canada goose eggs
 Up to the ramble, where there were still plenty of kinglets around, playing in the branches and teasing my camera.
ruby-crowned kinglet
 A warbler!  Yes, I saw one warbler, this gorgeous palm warbler.  I saw it for about 20 seconds, which is not nearly long enough.  Also, where are your friends, little one?
palm warbler
 At the oven this flicker gave me a nice angle.
northern flicker
 And a cormorant was fishing.  I love their blue eyes!
double-crested cormorant
 Ah, hello cowbird, with your brown head.  I'm onto your wily ways!
brown-headed cowbird
 This towhee was not shy at all, it was fine being out in the open as long as it was in the shade.
eastern towhee
 Some house sparrows are building a nest in the traffic light in the park by Columbus Circle.  There goes Daddy!
house sparrow

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