Monday, April 22, 2013

One by one, the warblers come

Another AMNH walk with Paul today.  It was sunny enough, but chilly and windy.  And the wind was not in migration direction.  I want to see warblers so bad!  It's funny, I remember laughing at Paul for being so warbler-crazy, and now just a few years later I'm the same way.  Hahahaha, progress?

On my way up to meet the group I had a preview of what are now regulars.  It was pretty quiet, or am I just impatient so it seems quiet?  Hard to say for sure........

chipping sparrows

brown creeper

white-throated sparrow

ruby-crowned kinglet
Met up with the group and headed to Hernshead because a couple of us saw swallows there on our way up. While we were watching swallows and swifts over the lake this Cooper's hawk came through.  It didn't stick around and circle at all, it just sort of swooped overhead and then it was gone.  There was a peregrine falcon too, but it was (unsurprisingly) too fast for me to get a picture of.
Cooper's hawk
To the ramble!  It was quiet, but ended up being a really nice walk. This guy was building an entire apartment complex.  He was super-busy, and it looks like he's doing a great job. Maybe there will be a nest there!  If I could remember which tree I would check it again later.
red-bellied woodpecker
 This group is only having so-so luck with the towhees, we eventually saw both male and female but the views were brief and I don't think everyone got a look.  Hopefully next week, they are such cool birds!
eastern towhee female 
 Two blue-grey gnatcatchers flitted about, teasing us with almost-excellent views.  They are so teeny and cute!  Here is what they usually look like:
blue-grey gnatcatcher

He didn't sit still very often.
blue-grey gnatcatcher 
 A new arrival!  My first-of-season black-and-white.  Gorgeous bird, nice sighting, he came right over.  Welcome!
black-and-white warbler 
The first warbler I ever saw was a palm warbler and they still have a special place in my heart.  I was in Grand Cayman and it was in its non-breeding (non-yellow) plumage, and I thought it was a sparrow.  Which would be extremely unusual in Cayman, so I sent a picture to a local naturalist who worked at the Mastic Trail and he let me know that it was a palm warbler.  He was so kind to a beginner, I will never forget that.
palm warbler

This guy is happy about getting a nice big fish, but he doesn't seem to be in much of a hurry to swallow it.  It's gonna be a big job, I wonder how he'll manage it.
black-crowned night heron

OMG, is it possible that my camera is specifically designed for mallards?  Look at these two!  It's ridiculous!


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