Tuesday, May 7, 2013

What a beautiful day! Shame about the birds.......

What a day.  Perfect weather for a walk in the park looking at tons of lovely migrants!  Sadly it was not to be.  The migrants were still stalled out south of here (or passed us by altogether!) We did spot a few things though, starting with this wedding!

wedding in Central Park
The geese have eggs at the lake, which I got a terrible picture of.  I can't even tell how many eggs are there, but I definitely see eggs!
canada goose with eggs
 There were three black-crowned night herons at the upper lobe, including this one looking quite debonair out in the sun.
black-crowned night heron
 We tried and tried to see warblers but the trees by the upper lobe would only show us this blue jay nest.  Still, it's the first blue jay nest I've seen, so it was cool!  I hope the nest is successful and we get to see chicks and feeding and stuff over the next few weeks.
blue jay nest
 It was actually a ~great~ day to see hawks soaring, we saw either several hawks or the same one several times, soaring over us.  There are several hawk nests near-ish by with chicks, so it's a good time of year to see the parents hunting.  Gotta feed those kiddies!
red-tailed hawk
 This raccoon looked almost like a koala, it was hilarious and cute.  :-)
 This was the biggest bullfrog I've ever seen.  I mean, this dude must be some sort of giant in the frog world.
 Woodpecker!  I love these little guys.
downy woodpecker
 A brown-headed cowbird tosses a glance over his shoulder at us.  Doesn't really look too flirty though does he?  Looks more irritated than flattered by our attentions.
brown-headed cowbird
 A migrant at last!  Just as we were about to finish up, someone found a catbird.  Yay!

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