Tuesday, May 21, 2013

More migration gorgeousness

Well it's a good sign when I get to see a Canada warbler on my way to meet the group!  I was this one by the southern end of the lake, where it teased me for a while before I remembered I was actually on a schedule and should get going.  I had time to run around the upper lobe and I saw several little guys, but I have no idea what they were because of the sneezing.  Time for allergy medicine!  It turns out that if you sneeze and then get out allergy medicine and water and Kleenex such that your hands are full and you are juggling items, the birds think it's funny to come right over and flit about.  It was maddening!

Canada warbler
 Met up with the group, and we went back to the upper lobe where there were birds a-plenty.  We finally got a good look at a red-eyed vireo.
red-eyed vireo
 There was a warbling vireo there also.  Guess what it was doing!
warbling vireo
 We saw this black-crowned night heron flying around over the lake, and it landed near us.  They are hilarious looking.
black-crowned night heron
 Oriole!  We have seen this guy here a few times, we sort of wondered if they were nesting nearby.  Later I found their nest!
Baltimore oriole
 Ah, warbler time.  I love this picture of the black-and-white, it almost makes up for the Blackburnian defeating my camera at every angle.
black-and-white warbler
 This is not a Canada (as I first thought) but is a "weakly marked" Magnolia.
magnolia warbler
 Black-throated green!  Look at how gorgeous!
black-throated green warbler
 This scarlet tanager is showing off its acrobatic skills in addition to its brilliant coloring.
scarlet tanager
 As promised, Baltimore oriole with nest.  Sadly the group had just left, but hopefully the nest will be going strong next week.
Baltimore oriole with nest

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